Term & Conditions


Final Price is inclusive of the product cost, delivery fee, and admin fee. Our online store prices are reflective of avg. store pricing which is constantly subject to change.


The individual picking-up the order or accepting the order delivery when containing alcohol, must provide a valid form of photo identification proving that he or she is at least 18 years of age, and is present to sign for the order at the time of pick-up/delivery.


DropIt’s online store is not connected with any in store inventory. Seasonal items may be found in our inventory but are not always in stock. Our shoppers will always replace an out of stock item with the next best alternative (price + description)


Goods Damaged or Lost in transit will be replaced by the DropIt Team within 4 hours. All purchases and orders are final. There will be no refunds for order changes within 4 hours of your chosen delivery time.


Orders may be cancelled up to 4 hours before the selected delivery window. To cancel an order please contact the DropIt Delivery office by email or phone.

Phone: 732-7474

Email: info@dropit.bm